Sunday, June 10, 2012

151 KIDNEY LUST [FROM 149, 150, and 40]

make my lungs double me in
guessing. there’s too much beautiful
blank fuzz to dedicate.
it’s more than ok.
take me into sleep and
get the roof out of it.

physically in the desert
where nothing compelling happens
until sunset.
from now on this
lesson is learned.

was i repairing?
your skin, once it busted apart,
along your bended seams.
you must crawl on your belly. 
all over.

even when i was a bomb’s
fat growl,
you covered my ear
and muffled the effects
to take the world easy on me.

i remember
everyone i love the most is shaking.
don’t think i’m going to stop that now.

- collaboration with PHC