Wednesday, June 26, 2013

trying for a magic dream

anyways i'm calling kyle jackson out of the water
my friend kyle
the first friend of my own west
the laughing river student
kyle i hear you fixing fence
kyle i hear you chuckling when i pee off the boat
it's cold on this rock
what can i think strong enough,
your image?
i rode on your bike with you driving it
about broke my foot
i saw skyfall with you
we both said "MOMMY ISSUES??!!"
you are in the too calm sea, kyle
your squeaky scruff, look at this beard,
aww good hug
i can hear you comforting the other six
bury the earth in wind if that makes you move
back in the direction of a beach to bless.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


in this crowd surprised
i am both and moving
will something happen to one of us
that makes us sink ourselves
to find how we were 'before it'?
don't worry about
what i'm going to do
pity the onlooker
watching me yawn my body
and jiggle my endless head
all the way to the state line
i tried to find her
she'd been shocked outside
of her presence
at loss for grip
she doesn't like slavery
but i grab her and put her
back in with me
and we work over
to where smoke comes out
licking together like
the forked sense of
a single handsless brute
this is the story of
murder averted
at a point of overlap
there's every type of waste
she says she feels weird
waiting here
counting skin
looking at the floor
where i dumped out our drink

Monday, June 10, 2013


my body is proud of me.
the people i know think it's idiotic
to walk 20 miles over night.
but if i don't do it,
only the people who have to will.

i'm walking
to notice all the places
where it's illegal for a person to sleep.

there is a lack
of bathrooms.

a woman stopped and said
"do you want a ride"
and when i said no thanks she said
"it's dangerous out here"

but it's not.
it's just night.
it smells terriffic.

i haven't tried to live
in an 'actually dangerous' neighborhood,
mostly, it's the people who have to who do.

i'm not sure what will happen when i get to the point
where i have to walk next to a highway.

are the ditches full of water?
is there any safe/legal way to walk along the highway?

there are no predators in the ditches.
the sound of rabbits across grass startled me:
the sound of something running to me.
the sound of awake.

i'm walking
to demonstrate to my sister
that you don't have to pay anyone
to move your body
from one place to another.
little sister: happy birthday:
freedom will not kill you
even in the middle of the night.

i'm walking to see the sun come up.

i'm walking to get home over 20 miles.

i'm walking to rest myself.

if you don't understand
why i would want to do this,
i'm walking to tell you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


some are meant as hulls that
everyone can sing this song
for how many decades more.

now i will write a letter:

remember when i wrote that letter?
i would like to see it now.

if you bury a woman in dirt
who cares

i'm going to go on and on
i can see myself
in a mirror behind the bar

i can see myself
being a total fucking drunk
for real

not like pitcher while doing dishes
but like
wake up, feel like a brick,
drink over the cliff and go hooting
around the block.

i think that in 23 years i will be the witch of the neighborhood.
i don't know if it will be here.

i might never establish a solid lore.

i could pretty easily eat a cat.
especially if you leave me alone for a month.

i could probably beat something languageless
to death.