Monday, November 24, 2014


i hugged two band members
over five dollars for gas
i would have kissed any of them
i would have kissed all 3 woman friends
who i saw there
i would have kissed the one man friend who drove me home.
god bless any hugger.
god bless any friend willing to help drunk me.
god bless all the dead children.
im going to move slow tomorrow, 
but i really love you.
im going to really love you until
everyone dies
or longer.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


a sore developed inside my mouth
on the other side of my lip
from where one of the pan lids
bashed me in the face,
causing me to imagine
my skin flapping and running with blood.
but it wasn't that.
a few months ago at work
a child i was sitting with
flung his head into my chin
making a crunch and when
i stuck my finger in my mouth,
a flake of my front tooth came out,
causing me to imagine
my teeth crumbling to half their lengths,
but it was just one and it's worn smooth now.
last fall i for the first time in my life
slept with someone
i had wanted to sleep with for years,
causing me to descend into a frenzy
where i thought i wanted to be pregnant,
but he's never going to look me in the face again.
i shouldn't be surprised about having been in love
even though i'm not now.
you all had one gift in common with me.

Monday, November 3, 2014


its not easy to walk fast and type poems
some response is good 
the languages of human are so metal
being drawn into wire
i have a new nickname
because i live with God The Unmarked.
i pray for thunder to burst my bubble.
i told God that i felt there was someone
waiting to talk to me at home and that
when i realized it wasn't true, my love
didn't stop flowing towards the person.