Wednesday, October 29, 2014


there was in my childhood a time
when i could not personally accrue debt
and i did not have to steal
to eat and i was not legally a target
and i listened hard even so
many of the talks around me were
missing important pieces.

look the poet is flapping its face
about something no one can see.
when i said i was sick of invisible people,
i meant that i didn't like feeling so attached
to a person on the other side of mountain fences.

this idea has already occurred to me,
the one where i out all my secret meanings
one line at a time, flip their literals up.

when the woman in legends of the fall
cut her hair off in front of me,
i had already had mine removed.
she was staring at the mirror,
but i was searching her eyes for
if this meant i wanted to leave the world, too.

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