Friday, December 12, 2014


i love you. you hear me right
i'll get in a car of you.
i'm comfortable a good amount of the time
that i spend singled out among you.

i'm comfortable chatting with you.
i scale a big wall during our talks.
i can't sleep very well with all the
imagining you don't exist and
untensing. what is that.

do i fear you? i think you are
a fucking baby.
you are a baby that could smash 
my bones. i don't think you would ever do that.

do i think that you have that in you?
i don't ever want to kill you,
but i want the power to
make you get away from me.

i'm comfortable walking when none of you
are visible. then i wonder if i'm not paying attention.
i'm terrified when you slow down.
when you yell i want myself to die,
because i can't yell back and
my hatred ate my oxygen i am a pillar
of flamming silence.

i want you to drive me to your house
but maybe you don't have roomates at home
who would hear if you start murdering me.
maybe they'd just be more of you
to help you murder me.

i love you. i want to give you honorary indentification
but you are already rejecting it for
the entire time i've known you.
you choose or don't choose to be one
but are one.

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