Wednesday, October 17, 2012

inert gilbert

who is she?  
i've seen her before, 
and now she's pretending to be in this family 
making spaghetti. 

an old favorite of mine 
i have to be reminded of it, 
i seem to have evaporated 
in the bioluminuscent sand.  

the membrane between
a split sandwich's halves.

paper lanterns burn down my face
when the festival floats 
into my mouth gradually
and fills it.
i wake up towards the end, 
when my eyelids turn molten
and evaporate permanently.

as i walk through the school hall
and my glasses shift, i think
is this acid flashback going to drop me off 
in the ocean?

when i wake up from my thoughts
i notice that i'm screaming over the interstate.
i could see the bottom.
let me sleep and never speak
when you get in my dream
to apologize, let me go deaf 
with the blood
that is coming out of my erased brain.

my apologies are subpar.  
my heartburn is worse.

mind the records 
gapped and missing,
divots of info out.
when lands take back their artifacts 
share me your line 
i'll share you.

a girl 
whose mind 
is implanted in a chimp
after a body-ending accident.
seems like a reasonable excuse.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i did violence
to a book i love
to take the part i love most out.
forgive me, whatever,
if it hurt.
the trades i'm making
with my words.
books for people.
poetry for god.
sounds suspicious.
but a pin in my eye
and drumming in my back
convince me.
it's not hard
for my body to convince me
because we are in all this
together, now i'm certain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


i want to take everybody with fucked up parents away but i would probably be a fucked up parent somewhere down the line.  i'm thinking of "the kid with a bike" even though she does it and he doesn't die out of the tree. how do i take the long view.  where can i get in order to see the entire province with a heavy spread of our junk gases hovering over it. I HAVE REACHED INTO THE SINK FROM WHERE I'M ON THE FLOOR AND WISHED BLOOD TO POUR OUT. i trick my slow.  this sentence construction is a mistake.  something is wrong in the left side of my head. it is that i have never spent all my time reading and i should do that.  i feel love and can let it stop fairly quickly after a book is over.  this might be what people learn to do with other people.  feel love and stop fairly quickly after it is over.  I HAVE THOUGHT SO HARD TO WAKE YOU UP OUT OF RANGE.  i could say that i will.  can mice get up on my bed?  now i remember the nightmare i had where after a nightmare i went to sleep in my parents' bed but every time i shut my eyes a stream of organized mice would throw me off the foot end.  it was a nightmare because nothing could stop this from happening. pests in this house are obvious, they are fearless, they are going to get my eyes out of me against my will. in a different nightmare around the same time, it was spring and giant mayflies were causing me to duplicate.  it was a nightmare because people thought they were all me. 

(from a nascent collabo doc shared with Rachet)